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Dr. McDaniel's Books

Dr. McDaniel's Books

If God Be With Us Book If God Be With Us Book

If God Be For Us

The Black Church will survive because it is all about faith and family. The Black Church is not simply a crowd of people that gather in a centralized location on Sunday mornings. For many, the Black Church is viewed as an extension of one’s immediate family. This extension of family is what gives the congregation a sense of community. I’m the grandson of a pastor. I grew up in the pews of the Baptist church. As a result, I have many mothers and aunts and uncles who are not blood relatives. But then again, they are blood relatives. They are my mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, uncle and aunt in the Lord. As our churches grow in number, we must also grow in ministry. The only way to do that is to grow in relationship one with the other.

The Black Church is a village. In the most traditional use of the word, villages are small groups of families who are situated together for sociability and defense. In the village, people look out for one another. In the village, there are many mothers and fathers. The village concept is such that the success of the individual is directly connected to the success of the group. Many Black Churches function as little villages. We help each other. We support each other. There is a sense of safety that the Black Church provides to Black communities. While all Black people do not attend Black Churches, the majority of Black families appreciate the proximity of this institution within its village. It is all about faith and family. The Black Church, the black family, will survive if God be for us Author Dr. M. Keith McDaniel Sr. - Christian Publisher Xulon Press

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Live Your Kingdom Life Now Book Live Your Kingdom Life Now Book

Live Your Kingdom Life Now

Believing that the Christian faith has reached a crossroad in the postmodern culture, Dr. M. Keith McDaniel seeks, in this theological work, to steer the discipline of the Christian lifestyle toward the Kingdom principles of scripture. This written work does a great service to the body of Christ. It is a work that outlines the stewardship of Kingdom living in response to the sacrifice of Calvary. Every Child of God needs a copy! As Dr. McDaniel unveils the reality of the Kingdom life you will be challenged to live at a greater level for the cause of Christ. You will discover that God’s gift of salvation was given to the believer has a tool of empowerment to cause change that will glorify God on Earth. Dr. McDaniel’s theological sophistication promises to expose you to new spiritual realities. Let Dr. M. Keith McDaniel help you unlock your Kingdom potential. You already have a power within you, God’s gift of salvation; use it to change the world.

“Dr. M. Keith McDaniel outlines the foundation to living your best Kingdom life now. He shares insights on how to accomplish and fulfill our divine purpose on this earth.”
~Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore, Sr.
President, Progressive National Baptist Convention, Incorporated

“I believe that this book gives America an awakening that jolts her at her core. Dr. McDaniel has spawned a reckoning in the mindset of all in a way that will substantiate lives tremendously.”
~Dr. G.V. Baker
Beaver Ruin Baptist Church, Norcross GA

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Til The War is Won Book Til The War is Won Book

Til The War is Won

As a person of faith, we believe in the things we cannot see. We believe in God.
We believe in eternal life.
We believe in the soul of human beings.

In the rational world, we believe that one plus one equals two. However, there is something within us that compels us to believe that one plus one also equals three. I believe that unity will one day come from diversity. It is my hope that more of us, will release our blind trust in rules and politics. That we will painfully and faithfully unpack the reality of race, the social construct, that puts one against the other, and begin to see that in the landscape of the US there is really just us. While we all seek to negotiate this short path we call life, may we long to live and love like Jesus, til the war is won.

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